Patriot provides objective financial and investment advice primarily to individuals and families. Our typical clients are:

  • Corporate Executives
  • Professionals (Doctors, Attorneys, Engineers, etc.)
  • Business Owners
  • Other Persons going through a financial transition (divorce, retirement, etc.)

Corporate Clients

Patriot also serves corporate clients or other organizations through:

Corporate Executive Financial Planning Programs
These Programs are typically provided to certain executives to allow them to concentrate on their corporate responsibilities and not their personal financial affairs. Patriot is delegated most of the responsibilities for advising these clients and maintaining their ongoing financial affairs.

Corporate Staff Financial Education Seminars
These Programs are typically presented in group settings ranging from large presentations to brown bag lunches and are tailored to each corporate client’s specific needs and audience. These seminars provide educational materials on topics including estate planning, insurance, investments, retirement planning, cash flow and income taxation, corporate benefits and/or transition planning due to outplacement.

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