Comprehensive Financial Planning

Initial Financial Plan & Implementation
The vast majority of our clients bring all of their financial affairs to us to be reviewed and revised, if necessary. At Patriot, the initial Financial Plan reviews all areas of personal finance applicable to a client's situation including, but not limited to:

  • Estate Planning
  • Investments (Asset Allocation and Implementation)
  • Insurance
  • Employee Benefits
  • Retirement Planning
  • Cash Flow
  • Income Taxation
  • Education Planning

All recommendations are written in prose so that each client can not only understand the recommendation, but the strategic reasoning behind the recommendation. Once the client has reviewed the Financial Plan with the Patriot Senior Financial Advisor, implementation of the recommendations begins. The firm’s professionals will assist each client with the successful completion of all recommendations.

Financial Maintenance
Patriot’s implementation can be best described as proactive and focused. Once all initial recommendations are implemented, the client can choose to continue with ongoing financial maintenance. Through this service, the client receives proactive, ongoing comprehensive financial advice relating to all of a client’s financial affairs.

Project Oriented Planning

Specific Financial Issue or Transaction Planning
Occasionally, a new client will have a specific issue or transaction that requires attention before any comprehensive financial planning can be accomplished. These special situations include divorce, disability, new employment offers, loss of employment, etc. A Patriot Senior Financial Advisor will assist a client in handling their specific transactions or issues and then be prepared to provide even more comprehensive financial services to the client in the future.

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