Why should you use Patriot as your financial advisor?

Complete Objectivity
To the extent Patriot is engaged, the firm provides uncompromised, objective financial and investment advice.

Comprehensive Planning
Comprehensive planning includes reviews of the following areas: estate planning, investments, employee benefits including stock option analysis, insurance, retirement, cash flow and income taxation, education analysis and specific client concerns. Patriot’s financial plans include specific recommendations that can be implemented through the client’s existing professional relationship(s).

Proactive Financial Maintenance
While many firms create financial plans, few firms help the client implement the final recommendations. Even fewer firms continuously maintain their client’s financial affairs through proactive financial maintenance. Once your initial financial plan is prepared and implemented, Patriot keeps all of your financial affairs maintained and continues to proactively advise you and your family in regard to all matters that affect them financially.

Small Firm with Extensive Resources
Structured affiliations allow Patriot to remain a small firm dedicated to providing its clients with the best advice while having access to the best investment resources, platforms and technology available.

Experienced Senior Financial Advisors
Patriot’s Senior Financial Advisors have, on average, more than 10 years of planning experience and advanced certifications in tax, law, investments and business.

Frequent Face-to-Face Meetings
Meetings will be initiated and facilitated by Patriot Senior Financial Advisors at our office, or we will come to your office or home in an effort to not inconvenience you and your family. Intra-meeting communication is unlimited and will be telephone, fax or e-mail based.

Financial Planning for the Family
Patriot will work to educate and integrate the entire family into the planning and implementation process. If married, it is integral for both spouses to be participants in the planning process.

Advisor Continuity
Patriot is committed to providing two direct firm contacts. Senior Financial Advisor continuity is of the highest priority. Client relationships will not change hands within the firm; a service team will be assigned to each client for the duration of the relationship.

Complete & Coordinated
Patriot's goal is to simplify and manage each client's financial affairs. Patriot will quarterback the client's team of professionals or make available a team of providers to you. Complete coordination allows each client the comfort that is afforded by knowing their financial world is well organized.

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